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I have taught a variety of courses in statistical methodology. At the graduate level, I offer introductory and advanced courses in statistics (e.g. maximum likelihood, causal inference) and data analytics. I have also taught introductory data analysis at the undergraduate level.  Details on my current or upcoming courses are listed below. Students enrolled in these courses will find further details on Blackboard.

SIS-750 Data Analysis

FALL 2021


This course introduces the art and practice of data analysis. More than just learning the requisite software routines, this course emphasizes the professional outputs associated with a career in analytics. We will cover the preparation of data, data visualization, and both descriptive and evaluative analysis. Most importantly, this course offers the chance to get your hands dirty in the world of analysis, a world where your data are always messy, your code is always buggy, your clients are always demanding, and you get to fight through new and fascinating puzzles every day.

Software: R, RStudio

SIS-600 Stats & Methods

Spring 2021

M 8:20-10:50 pm


Effective research design is vital to answering questions about international affairs. Increasingly, quantitative statistical techniques are prominent in this research: assessing relationships among variables over large numbers of observations. Engaging in scholarship and policymaking requires an ability to employ the tools, interpret the results, and understand the implications of statistical analysis. This course will introduce the basics of statistical methodology and train students to be critical consumers and capable producers of empirical research.


Software: R, RStudio

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